Education-St. Wilfrid's Catholic Church


St. Wilfrid’s Catholic Church offers grade school CCD (preschool through 8th grade) during the school year.  The CCD Coordinator is Pat Carsrud.  Teachers are as follows: 

Preschool-Kindergarten-1st:  Bobbi White
2nd-3rd grades:  Bobbi White   
4th-5th-6th grades:  Ann Jost 
     *These groups will meet on Wednesday night at 6:30-7:30 pm.
7th-8th grades are taught bySherryl Rankin and meet on Wednesday nights at 7 pm.

St. Wilfrid High School Youth Group meets on Wednesday nights, in the rectory basement. We cover a variety of topics during class from religious education to teen issues, as well as participate in a number of projects outside of the class.  Youth leaders are Paula Linke and Emily Henriksen
Next Confirmation is scheduled for 2022.

Requirements for Confirmation are as follows:

1. Attendance at Sunday (or Saturday night) Mass and Holy Days Mass.

2. Attendance at all CCD sessions on Wednesday nights.

3. Community Service
Community service is volunteering (no $$) your time to help someone else. This should be above the ordinary - not just community service to grandparents and we should see a variety of different people and tasks. The purpose of this requirement is to learn the importance of charity and giving to others without expecting something in return. Examples of community service are volunteering at the nursing home; running errands or doing tasks for the elderly; volunteering at community functions; etc. Group projects have included a mini-Turkey Shoot soup/sandwich supper & fun night, serving at the Love Feast, helping with pancake breakfasts, and church decorating.

4. Attendance at a Retreat
Students have various options for attending a retreat.

These requirements are endorsed by the diocese. All requirements must be met to be confirmed at St. Wilfrid's Catholic Church. Any questions about any of the requirements may be directed to Paula at 605-796-4558.